My teaching repertoire reflects and builds on my research interests. Below is a list of courses I have taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels with sample syllabi.

Graduate Courses:


Upper-Level Undergraduate/Graduate Courses:


Undergraduate Courses:


I have conducted numerous directed readings courses on a variety of topics, and advised, mentored, and taught diverse students, including military, foreign area officers, international, minority, and non-traditional students.


My teaching philosophy echoes the values of liberal education. I am committed to preparing life-long learners, critical thinkers, and intelligent citizens. To be able to foster these intellectual qualities in students, I continuously expand my personal knowledge on the subjects I teach, develop my expertise of pedagogy, adjust my teaching methods to various learning styles, and show respect to the learners and commitment to their success. I have successfully mentored graduate students, assisted them in completing the degree requirements in a timely manner, provided them with funding, co-authored peer-reviewed articles and conference papers, and helped them to secure academic and non-academic jobs.


For me, teaching is an integral part of scholarship. Throughout my career, I have been committed to the thoughtful discovery, transmission, and application of knowledge in the best ways to educate and evaluate students. I examined a variety of teaching and evaluation methods that I have employed in my classes and shared my knowledge of the best teaching strategies in publications on lectures and educational debates, self- and peer-assessment, teaching strategies for the summer modules, and critical pedagogy with special operation forces . I also carried out programmatic evaluations.

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